Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 4 at the MTC

November 12th  2013

Hola everyone! Como estas?

If you can't tell I'm getting pretty good at Spanish. Okay I kid I kid. I am getting a little bit better though. I just need to get the hang of all the verb tenses and learn about a billion more words and I'll be set! Well not to much is different this week. The routine is usually basically the same. Get up, exercise, eat, go to class, eat, teach, class, eat, teach, study, study, study, bed. There have been some good devotionals and talks that we have gotten to listen to so that has been good. Elder L. Tom Perry is coming to give a devotional tonight and we get to go up to main campus for it so that should be pretty sweet! We also get to go to the temple today. (If you could dear elder me Jane and Val's address that might be good because I don't need my temple clothes and I might need to send them to their house.) I got called to be district leader on Sunday for the last couple of weeks here. There isn't really that much extra responsibility associated with it. I just have to be the example and correct the other missionaries if they are having a hard time being obedient. The only bad thing about this is I end up being the bad guy if I have to stop something that shouldn't be happening. Oh well though I'm glad for the opportunity to serve. That's about all that's new here. I'm really ready to get out of here. Everyone in our district is getting a little bit stir crazy to get down to Mexico. I'm glad that you all are doing well. Sorry about the letters mom. I ended up sending them a day late because I forgot them at our apartment and then they hold them for like a day or something so I think they should get there really soon. I promise they're coming and that they have more detail then my emails because I have more time to write them. That's good that the roof is coming along well. We've had a couple of really nice days here and have been able to study a little bit outside which has been nice. I'm glad you had fun at the dance thing.   You can forward me Preston's emails if you want to. I might not have time to read all of them but that would be fun to hear how he's doing. So I heard about the typhoon in the Philipines. I'm glad to hear that they found all of the missionaries because I know that Stu and Kase are both over there. That's terrible how many lives that it took though.  Thanks. I love you all.
Elder Schow