Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014
Hey everyone,

I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well and that things are exciting as ever! Well yep I am going to be receiving a new companion....but I have no idea who. I am staying in Independencia though. Our president decided to change how he does transfers. The only thing that we are told is if we need to bring our suitcases or not. No one is told if they are training, DL, ZL, etc. I guess it will be kind of a surprise. I think that there must have been a problem with people complaining to other missionaries about their new companions. It should be good to see who it is though.

Well to be honest I don't really remember much that has happened this week. It has all kind of been a blur. We have been really busy teaching etc., and trying to get everything ready Elder Mendoza to go home. He has been pretty sad this week, but I think that he has finally come to terms with everything. It will be the start of a new adventure for him.

We did find several new investigators this week to take the places of several that has fallen of the face of the earth. We are finding a lot of new people to teach, but they have not been progressing very well. R. is still progressing really well, but we are feeling very rushed to teach everything that we need to before his baptism. I want to stop teaching him in his house though. I have bed bugs now, and I'm pretty sure that I brought them from his house on my clothes. I have to figure out how to get rid of them. My companion hasn't been bit, but we found a big one in his bed. Maybe we can start teaching him in the house of a member so that we don't keep bringing more. We also have another investigator named M. that has come to church 5 times. The problem is that his visa expired so he has been living here illegally and he needs to get married to his girlfriend but he can't without a visa. We are trying to see what we can do to fix that situation. Things have been pretty normal for the most part. I did however find out this week that eating pineapple on a hamburger is really good! Who knew haha?

I've had some good study sessions this week that have really helped strengthen my testimony and help me to have a clearer vision about why I am out here. It really is going quickly. I almost have 10 months already. I really want to make the most of the time that I have left.

Thanks for sending the package mom. I´ll let you know when I receive it. Thanks for all of your love and advice everyone! I love you all. Have a rip roarin' week!

Elder Schow