Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hola! How is everyone? I'm really glad that I got to hear from you all. It really brightens my week. Wow those are some huge changes in the ward. I can imagine that it was probably a little bit sad for you guys. It sounds like it will be a lot of work for you to reorganize everything dad. Good luck! I think that it will be good in the long run though. I can imagine that you will miss some people. Oh and thanks for checking my bank account and such. Oh, and I got that card from the ward. Thanks! I have no idea who some of the people are but it was really nice to hear from everyone. The other letters from Maddie, Becky, and Susan never came though so maybe it isn't the best idea to send your patriarchal blessings at all. It's up to you guys. No biggie either way. Oh and will you tell Susan and Becky thank you please?

Oh that´s really cool that you are going to have FHE with the S. Did you invite them or did the Ms? This is one of the best ways to do missionary work. I really hope that it goes well once it happens. There are really great family. I glad that you like that Book Thief. I'm excited to see it eventually haha. Lauren and Cams new "baby" is really cute. (this is a kitty)  I'm glad that they were able to find a kitty. Oh I didn't even know that Mark and Tawny were going to have a baby. That's awesome though. I'm really happy for them. It's really hard to keep track of all of my cousins and their kids. There are so many now haha. I hope Grandma's surgery goes well. I feel bad I haven't had time to write them for a while. Please tell them and your parents that I love them.

Well we got permission to baptize B. G, buuuttttt he ended up getting a job in a different city like 20 minutes before we told him and so he had to report to work this weekend. He wants to have his baptism this coming Saturday, but he still hasn´t has his baptismal interview and so we don't know if it's going to happen. It´s great that he got a job because his family really needs that money but at the same time it really complicates things. We really hope that we don't lose him and his family. We had a good day yesterday. We were with a member of our ward for a while and she helped us find 6 new investigators. It was a miracle. We have several good investigators. The most difficult thing is getting them to come to church. We're still working on that. We have a good start to this week though and so things should go good.

Our new apartment is nice. We're still waiting for a fridge and an ironing board but it's okay. We eat a lot of ramen and tortillas haha. I'll send pictures.

Love Britton

P.S. can you please forward me Ethan´s emails?