Monday, September 8, 2014


                                                             Too much fun!!

September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hi, howdy, hello, hola,

Well I'm just dandy!  How are all you fine folk doing?  Well this week has been pretty good.  We had quite a few good things happen.  Before Sunday we had 10 investigators with baptismal dates.  Two of them fell because they didn't come to church though- E. was one of them.  He has to finish high school, but he has to take his classes on Saturday and so his job is making him work on Sunday.  If you could pray that he can find another job it would be much appreciated.  R. has his baptismal interview this Saturday and his baptism is programmed for this Sunday if he passes his interview.  Also, if you could keep him in your prayers it would be much appreciated.  We have been blessed to find so many good investigators these last two transfer cycles.  If they keep progressing like they are progressing now I feel that many of them will be baptized.

We definitely found a couple of interesting people this week.  We found a family that we started to teach.  The mom is like 70 something and we taught her and her daughter the first time.  The second time that we taught them her husband was there...and he was basically wasted.  He was a super funny nice drunk though.  He did many sporadic things that ranged from all of a sudden leaping out of his chair and starting to dance to running into another room to bring a book that he wanted to show us.  He told us that he had a very important book about Christ to show us and brought in an art book produced for Reader´s Digest.  We had to pretend like it was really a book about Christ and that it was very interesting.  It was pretty hard not to laugh.  Needless to say we couldn't teach them much so hopefully he is sober the next time that we come.  We also taught a 90 year old Jehovah´s Witness.  He definitely had some interesting things to say as well.  

I´m glad that you guys have had a good week.  That´s really cool about Cheryl.  I´m glad that she had a good time with you guys.  She´s kind of like a 3rd grandma.  I hope that she and her animals are doing well.  I´m sure that she will really like to go out with you guys from time to time.  That´s cool about the 5K.  I hope that you guys destroy your last times!  I´m excited about the music dad.  I definitely miss music some times.  I´m excited to hear all of the new selections.  Also, I had companionship exchanges with my district leader and he likes a lot of the same movies as our family.  It was funny to be able to talk to someone that has seen some of the really strange movies that I have seen.  I even told him about Santa Clause Conquers the Martians haha.  Thanks for the advice and all.  It means a lot.  Love you all!!!!

Elder Schow