Monday, March 3, 2014

February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014
Well I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well. It sounds like you all are staying busy. That's awesome about the new temple video. I really want to see it. I´ll have to wait quite a while though because the temple here is closed for like 1 year 3 months. I'm sorry that the fhe with the S. didn´t go exactly like you hoped mom. Don't lose heart though. It will all work out in the end the way the it is supposed to. What did you guys do for it? How did they respond? Yeah I think that it will be intersting to be companions with a district leader. I'm excited to go on companionship exchanges with the zone leaders and the other missionaries in our district to learn how other missionaries teach. It's always good to teach with others so that you don´t fall into a rythym in the lessons by teaching with the same person every time.
Well this week was a little interesting. My companion received an infection in his foot in his first area and it started to come back. I think that they are planter warts. Anyway thought the doctor burned them off with an acid and said that he shouldn't walk much for several days and that his foot needs to stay dry for a few weeks. We've been stuck in the apartment basically all day for the last several days. It has been good in some ways because we have got to study a lot etc. but it has also been sooo long haha. I'll be glad for when we can go and start working again. The only complicated thing is keeping his foot dry. He might have to wear a sock and a sandal for a couple weeks or something. We´ll see what happens. The members we live with have been great though. They have brought us food and cooked us breakfast like twice and paid for taxis. They really live the law of consecration. We got back from reporting yesterday and the sister we lived with had ordered us Burger King. We were both like ¿que hace? (what are you doing) just in our minds though. It was really funny. We were really appreciative all the same even though it was Sunday.
Thankfully we were still able to have our baptisms on Saturday. I got to baptize one A. My first baptism ever haha. I was a little nervous but it all turned out well in the end. It felt good, and I was honored that I got to baptize someone. The other A. was baptized by her husband. He didn't know that she was getting baptized until she entered the baptismal font because he thought that he was going to be baptizing the son of one of their friends.
  Wow that's crazy that everyone is pregnant. Like dad I can't keep up with them all anymore. Like father like son I guess haha. I'm glad that Ethan is doing well. It really helps me to talk to him too because he is in the same boat as I am. I really miss that kid...and all the rest of you guys too. You should send me some pictures of Disneyland. I would really like to see a few. The ones I have of you guys are all the same. Hit me up with some variety :) Oh and you should forward me Preston's letters if you have a little time. I would really like to print them off and read them. Stay safe and eat some American tacos for me.
Elder Schow