Monday, February 2, 2015

January 23 and 30, 2015

January 30, 2015
Hi everyone.
I´m glad to hear that you all are doing well.  It is crazy that it´s almost February isn't it?  Like you guys, I can´t believe it either.  I think that the older you get the faster time goes.  It sounds like you all have been staying busy with Maddie having the ACT, painting the house, Lauren with Ella, Cam with work, etc.  It sounds pretty good to me.  I´m sorry to hear about Andrew and Naomi.  I´ll be sure to keep them in my prayers.  Hopefully everything turns out okay. 
Well this week was pretty cool.  We had a lot of success finding new people to teach.  We were guided to a lot of prepared people.  We are teaching various members of three new families.  They want us to meet the rest of their families too so that should be pretty cool.  I wish that we had more time to teach.  It is difficult to have time to visit everyone that we need to see.  There is always something complicated that comes up too that takes away more of our time.  It will be good preparation for going back to school though.  I feel like I will be a lot more organized and that I will really take advantage of my time. 
We had a zone conference yesterday.  The church that it was held in is in my first area.  It was cool to get to go back there again even if I was just passing through.  Our president spoke.  I´m sad that he is leaving pretty soon.  It is strange that we will have a new president in like five months.  He is from Utah and his name is president Meacham.  If I am still here I will have to help him out a lot which would be cool. 
Well that´s about all that is new here.  I hope you all have a great week.  Keep doing what you know you should be doing and you will be happy.

Elder Schow  

Jan 23, 2015
Hey there everyone!  How are you all?  Well this week has been pretty good.  I´m glad to hear that you had a great week.  I´m also glad that grandpa and grandma´s anniversary went well!  It sounds like there were a ton of people there.  60 years is a ton of time.  That´s awesome! 

We found a super great family this week- the G. L. family.  We contacted the father In his taxi.  He felt impressed to pass for where we were waiting.  We were also going to use another taxi that we had flagged down, but there was a bit of confusion between us and another woman that was waiting on the side of the road and that taxi driver ended up leaving.  The next taxi that came up to us was the taxi of Brother G.  He has a wife and two kids.  He even came to church last week before we visited them.  Not too much has changed in the area other than finding them.  We've had very scarce time this week.  We have had to go to the airport several times, transfers, new missionaries, etc.  It has been crazy.  It has been fun though.  I am also glad that we get the opportunity to teach still too even if it isn't a ton.  I am also starting to feel a bit more comfortable in the offices which has been a relief.

Well that´s about all that is new.  I hope that you all are doing well.  I love you all.

Elder Schow