Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Happy Day!

January 27th   2014

Hello, hello, everyone. I´m glad that you had a good stake conference, and that you learned a lot. It´s definately good advice to remember. I have learned a lot about similar things this week. I have really come to learn that we have to put our faith in the Savior, something that I have not been doing very well at at times. He is the only way that we can be saved and that we can improve our lives. I am really working to put my faith in him. I am also trying to be strictly obedient because I know that those small rules that sometimes don´t seem like a big deal can make a huge difference if we follow them. I like the analogy of the chick and the egg. It really makes sense. A lot of times we don´t want to do things because they seem hard, but in the end they will make us stronger. I´m glad that you basically have all of the ward reorganized dad. It sounds like it was a lot of work, but I think that it will be good in the end. That´s really funny about the cats too. I can really see them liking a lazer pointer. In fact I did see it in the videos that you sent. They´re funny. I´m glad that Watson is doing better too. We had a pretty decent week. We are still struggling to reach the norms of excellence, but we are working with the members more and we had 7 invstigators in sacrament meeting this weekend which was great. They all had a great experience and are anxious to return. We haven´t seen Brother G. since he started his new job so.....we don´t really know what´s going on. We talked to his family a couple of times, and they said they would see us in church but they didn´t come. There are a lot of people with problems here. We have been giving a lot of preisthood blessings lately. We had the opportunity to give a couple yesterday. They were both very good experiences. The one was very very powerful. I am working to set a lot of goals too dad. I am working on a 5 year plan in my ´spare time´ which isn´t much haha, but I felt that I needed to do it. I hope that it will be beneficial. Also, we get to have a conference with Dallin H. Oaks in 2 weeks which should be pretty sweet. Thanks for your prayers, and for the strength that you are to me. I´ll try to have a specific list of people to pray for next week. Have an awesome week!!!

Elder Schow