Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2nd MTC Letter

October 28th  2013

Hola Uds.

Thanks for all of the letters and such! They all kinda run together a little bit cause you guys have sent so many (which has been nice, so thanks you) so I will do my best to remember everything that is going on and to reply etc. Wow that's really weird that the trees are gone. They were enormous so I can imagine it was probably quite a project for those workers. It's too bad that they can't take the stumps out. That's okay though. That's funny that the dogs are really confused about it. I can particularly see Grettle being confused,,,because she's always confused about something or other. I bet the back yard does look kinda strange now though. Hopefully you can find a decent bid for getting the roof done before the weather turns bad too.
That's awesome about your running mom!!!! Before you know it you'll be running a half marathon or something! Keep up the good work! I was really good and exercised every day for like a week...but then I missed like two days because we have gym before breakfast and I had absolutely no energy or motivation...so I got lazy. I need to get back on it though. I've been trying to gain weight so I've been eating a ton but I've maybe gained one pound. Oh well.
That's cool that BYU won and that Taysom did well. We're kinda close to the stadium so we can see it and hear the crowd when the games are here. Everyone in our district really wished the we could go to a game because we all really need a little variety. The MTC isn't too bad but it gets really monotonous being stuck in a tiny classroom like all day every day. It still is a good experience though and P-day is nice because we get to relax a little bit.
I wish we got Thanksgiving. We might be in the mission home on Thanksgiving but because the mission president is from Mexico we don't think that we'll have a Thanksgiving meal. Maybe we'll have tacos or something instead ;) That's nice that some family is coming up for it.
That's cool that Curtis went through the temple. I wish I could've been there. You'll have to tell him congratulations for me. We got to go to the temple last week on P-day. When we came out of the front doors the sun was directly in front of us and it was shining off of the lake in the distance. It was really a beautiful sight. We get to go again later today. Hopefully we can still do the choir tonight because the times conflict a little bit.
One of the teachers at the MTC went to our mission (it might have been before the split) but he came and talked to us for a few minutes. I guess our mission is the second smallest mission in the entire world. He said you can get from one side to the other in about an hour. I guess a lot of it is in the actual city and it looks like you're in New York for a lot of it. He said that there are some really poor areas. Also, he said oftentimes you do shower with a bucket of water that you heat up with...you guessed it...an iron. I guess Raymond was right haha. He said to get used to bed bugs and to be careful because it is kind of a dangerous area. Not exactly words to inspire a lot of confidence, but we will be protected. He also did say that there were some more rural areas to so it's not all in the big city. Oh and he said that our mission president is amazing so I'm excited to meet him.
Well time is short and I want to try to figure out how to send you guys some pictures so I'd better go. I love you all and are so thankful for all of your prayers and support. I'll try to write you all personal letter soon.

Love Elder Schow

P.S. Maddie thanks for you letter! It was really good to hear from you. I'm glad that you're doing some things with friends and I hope that you are adjusting more to being the only kid at home. Mom and Dad are awesome though so I think you'll have a fun time. I'll try to write you a letter soon.

Love your brother

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