Monday, November 17, 2014

November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hello everyone!

Well this week was a pretty good one.  TIme is going super fast by the way.  It´s a bit strange.  Anyway, so, R. should be getting baptized this Sunday if all goes well!  She´s doing super great.  It has been hard for her to give up smoking, but she is doing so good!  If you could keep her in your prayers that would be great.  E. hopefully will be baptized the week after.  She couldn't come to church on Sunday because she lost her money.  As they were going to get on the bus she realized that it had fallen out of her pocket and she couldn't find it anywhere.  We are thinking that she can still get baptized though.  I will keep you posted.  The week after we should be baptizing a 9 year old girl named A. that is the daughter of a recent convert.  She and her little sister K. (3) are pretty funny.  It has been really fun to teach her!  It has also been very dificult becaues her little sister is super loud haha.  The last time we tried to teach her her sister kept yelling at us that we were salchchas- hot dogs.  We got a good laugh out of it.  We are also teaching a family called the Ochoa family that are going through some really hard times so if you could keep them in your prayers that would be great.  

We found a really strange guy this week named M. A.  He was a reference that we received.  We got to his address to find that there were about 20 door bells.  We just starting ringing door bells and we actually found him and he let us in.  He asked us a lot of questions (asking us in what would seem a very angry manner).  I guess we answered well enough his questions though because at the end he told us that he had enjoyed himself and to come back.  We'll see what happens this week.      

That's cool about the pictures that you are going to make.  I'm guessing that they are going to be similar to the Mickey Mouse ones that dad did right?  That's nice that you are getting to see Lauren, Cam, and Ella frequently.  It sounds like at least once a week or so. I bet that's really nice.  Wow, ISU won again.  That's a shocker haha.  That's cool about your temple trip.  I miss going to the temple.  Hopefully when the re-dedicate it we get to go!  I would like to work on geneology too when I get back.  I didn't realize that there was much left to do haha.  Well, I love you all.  Talk to you soon!

Elder Schow

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