Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hey there everyone. Well it has been a good week once again. We had transfers on Tuesday. My new companion is named Elder Hood. He is from South Carolina. We are having a pretty good time together so far. He's got about 7 months in the mission and was trained by the same trainer as me. It has been a bit of a weird week. It was "Day of the Virgin" this week so everyone was celebrating "the birth of Jesus´s mother" by getting drunk and lighting of fireworks combined with the sound of loud music all night. Because of all the drunks we had to be home at 7:00 for two nights straight. It was kind of cool though because we got to know each other pretty well. My companion also has a guitar and is really good at playing so we just kind of chilled and waited out the noise.

The O. family are leaving town for Christmas so they will not be able to be baptized right now. They are so strong though it is amazing. She did not used to want to come to church at all and now they come every week without fail and stay all three hours. We are also teaching the 18 year old niece of a family in the ward that is going to get baptized in January. She told us last night that she knows that the church is true. If Sister H. keeps going strong without drinking coffee she will get baptized on Saturday. We found a really good new guy to teach yesterday- Brother H. He was a contact that we did with "He is the Gift" that we never found at home. We were passing his house yesterday and felt the strong impression to go and knock. He was finally home and he accepted us really well. He also gave us 12 pairs of new socks each. He makes socks so that's why he gave them to us. It was really nice of him.
I'm glad that you all are doing well. That's cool that Roger and Diana are back. That is a ton of pictures. I can't believe that. I need to follow that example because I hardly have like any. Thanks for all of your love and advice. I'm glad that you are getting better quickly mom.   I love you all.
Elder Schow

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