Monday, December 1, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hey there everyone,

Sorry that I didn't write last week, I was a bit indesposed, but I am back and that is all that counts. Well these last two weeks have been really good. R. got baptized last Sunday and was confirmed yesterday, and E. was baptized yesterday. Also, we are working with a few other investigators to prepare them for baptism in December. We are teaching the O. family. The boy is super funny. He's 10 and he hasn't been to church that many times, but he knows a ton. Sometimes he says some pretty profound things to his mom that really help her to see the importance of what we are teaching. We are also still teaching Sister H., and a man SeƱor G. among others. We have a really pretty good ward here. The members are super great with the investigators, new members etc. They are definitely some of the most charitable people that I have met. It's kind of funny, on of the counselors to the bishop is like the mexican version of Steve Martin. I hope I can find an excuse to take a picture with him before I leave the ward.  Haha.

Well I don't really think that I have any great words of wisdom to impart this week. The holiday season is coming up. Lately I have been trying to read a bit in the New Testament every day to learn a bit more about the life of Jesus Christ. I am impressed by his example and by his teachings. I am amazed at the love that he has for each and every one of us. I think every day I understand just a tiny bit more of that profound love. As we go into the holiday season let us remember the reason for the season.  Oh, and to answer the question that all of you asked, no, Thanksgiving is not recongnized as a holiday here. They call it the day of the action of giving thanks, but they do not celebrate no turkey for me. It's alright though, I hope that you all have an enjoyable time with the family. And don't gain TOO much weight. Well that's about it on my end. Love you all.

Elder Schow

The asked us to tell you guys to not get on our Facebooks.

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