Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 3, 2014

Feb 3, 2014
I was so excited to hear from Lauren and Cam about their succeses this week!!! I hope Cam gets the job. .We did have a few good things happen this week. We found a couple of new people to teach this week. One of them is a family of 5. They all came to church on Sunday. The dad is super weird. He's a hair stylist and the second time we came to their house he had peacock colored hair, a leopard spotted shirt, and a pair of very distressed jeans. We also later found out that he believes a lot in energies and that he and his children have a tree that they hug and kiss occasionally because he wants to teach his kids love for living things. That day Elder Patey and I decided to hug a couple of's for fun. I´ll send pictures soon. I like their family though. We also are going to have a baptism this Saturday or the next. It´s actully a miracle. D. is going to be baptized. We invited him to be baptized like the first week we were here and he was kind of like heck no I want nothing to do with your church. But....we continued to visit him (he's 17) and we are actually really good friends with him. We had a talk with him a couple of days ago because we have seen great changes in him. He told us that he decided to change his life because of our example. Also, he really likes to work out and someone told him that he looks like superman. This also really motivated him. He decided to pray and he got and answer that the church is true, he is going to seminary and he has come to church like 4 weeks in a row. So anyway, we talked to him and he wants to be baptized for himself. We were so surprised and happy. It just shows that we really have to love the people that we are teaching and miracles can happen. He is a great example for me. Brother G. kinda fell of the face of the earth. We saw him a couple of days ago and he still wants to be baptized but he isn´t coming to chuch or anything. We´re not really sure what is going to happen. We've kind of been sick all week. Members keep giving us money to eat in the street. We don't know why no one will let us eat in their houses....Hmmm. It's okay though. Who doesn't love diarrhia all week haha? That's about all on this end. I'm glad that the changes in the ward are coming together well. Primary President eh? Wow good luck with everything! You´ve always been great with kids so I'm sure it will be a cinch. We saw signs about the super bowl. Big whoop haha. I heard it was a blowout. I really liked your comment dad about the future Bengal and how he was accustomed to losing so he should fit right in with the Bengals. I laughed really hard. I feel like it´s only a matter of time before they cut their football program. I will write you about the thing with Dallin H. Oaks for sure. I'm jealous that you get to hear from Elder Bednar. Oh we finally got a fridge today which was nice. We have yet to visit any historic sites. We need to though. Maybe next week. Miss you guys.

Love, Elder Schow

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