Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hello Ya'll,

How is everyone? Great I hope. I'm always so excited to hear from you all. It always makes my day. I especially love your jokes/ humor. Keep it up. Well this week was pretty normal, but we did have some pretty great experiences. On Tuesday we were really late to a visit and we weren't going to take a taxi because they're kind of expensive on our budget but we decided to take on anyway. We ended up contacting the driver. It just to happened that he lives in our area and that his daughter passed away about a year ago. He told us that he has been trying to understand why and that he would be interested to listen to us. We had a lesson with him and his wife yesterday and it went really well. His wife has heard a little about the church before and has read part of the Book of Mormon. She kept asking us when we have church because she is very excited to come. He's a little less willing to commit himself, but he said that he really is looking for the truth and so if he finds it he will be baptized. It's like our mission leaders always tell us. God will put prepared people in our paths if we are willing to just open our mouths. We witnessed a miracle. We also had a member with us that had had a similar experience before her conversion so it was perfect!!! We have another visit with them on Saturday. However, the bishopric changed the way that we had decided to divide the area and now they don't live in our area... It's alright though, they are in good hands with Elder Brown and Elder Aguilar. My comp and I now have to find a new place to live and move. The nice thing is that our area will be a lot smaller so we'll probably only have to take busses to go to eat with the members.
Our ward is pretty good. There are several really strong families. We did a service project for one of them on Saturday. It was good. It just took forever and so the six of us all ended up missing appointments. It was great to serve though. I always feel great after service. We had a lesson after with an investigator that told us that she has violent ghosts in her house. We had the opportunity to dedicate her home. We could definitely feel a difference in the feeling of the house afterward. I hope that things start to go better for them. We are going to do a lot of finding this week to find new investigators to replace those that we are losing to the other missionaries. I'll keep you posted. We feel happy and positive about the change. This really is a great area. We just have to help it to reach it's potential. Well love you all. Talk to you in one week. BTW I hope it's okay that I wrote a combined letter to you all this week.

Love Elder Schow

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