Monday, April 21, 2014


April 21, 2014
Hey everyone, well good news, I survived the earthquake haha! I didn't think that you guys would hear about it but I guess it was a bigger deal than I thought. Elder Schofield and I were with all of our district in the subway when it happened. We were all going to the temple in Aragon because we all had to go to talk to the doctors that work there. We were standing on the platform waiting for the train, and all of a sudden I thought wow I feel dizzy. Then I realized that everyone was thinking the same thing. Some people told us to come and stand under a support and that we were in an earthquake. It was pretty crazy. We could actually see the platform moving back and forth and It was a bit hard to keep our balance for a bit. It lasted for about 45 seconds to a minute. Thank goodness that there wasn't really any damage. It was a 7.5 on the Richter scale but I don't know if that was only in the area of origin or in Mexico City. All that aside though, it was still pretty strong. One good thing though, is that the Metro is one of the safest places to be in an earthquake. All in all it was definitely a new experience.
So you probably want to know why we all went to the doctor at the same time. The mission president's wife wanted to know the same thing. It's actually kind of a funny story. We all are having problems with our bodies and we all happened to call the mission president's wife on the same day (All 6 of us on the same day). We all went on Friday but the doctor didn't come because of the earthquake so we had to go back on Saturday. My companion has 2 ingrown toenails and a hernia so he might have to go home for surgery. :( We will find out on Wednesday. It would be a huge bummer if he has to go because we get along really really well. Also, Elder Brown our district leader had surgery for a hernia before the mission and he is still having pain sometimes too. We both talked to the doctor and she said that it is not normal that we are still having pain, especially in my case where I have it almost every day. She said the mesh could be tearing from the skin. I sure hope not. He and I have to go back on Friday to talk to a male doctor. He also is going to check my knee because it is giving me some problems too. Another missionary has varicose veins and has to wear tights for the rest of his mission and another might have a hernia too....I swear this area is brutal. I think we're all falling apart hahaha. Hopefully everything turns out alright though. I'll keep you posted on what I find out. I would imagine it's nothing major though. :)
So because of all of this crazy stuff we didn't get to teach too much this week. We are trying to find new people but haven't been able to encounter anyone. I think that part of our focus for this change will be to reactivate inactives. This is just as important of a work. It is just very difficult sometimes. When we get a map of our area we will start digging through the ward directory to find people that we don't know. Also, we found a new place to live and we will be moving there in about a week and a half. It's really nice. It's also like right in the middle of our area so we should have more time to teach when we live there. That's about it for this week. One more crazy story. So we all went to eat with a member as usual yesterday after church. We had all put salsa on our food and were about to start eating. Elder Lund in our district spread salsa on his tortilla and then was like guys don't eat the food. We looked at his tortilla and there was a baby scorpion on it. We think that it died on the spoon and I guess that the venom couldn't have gotten into the salsa but it was pretty crazy all the same. Anyway that's all folks. Love you all. I'm glad that you had a great Easter and that you all got to spend time together. Good luck with all of your activities and such. You are all in my prayers.

Love, Elder Schow

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