Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014
Well hey there everyone. Well it has been another exciting week in Mexico. There were several cool things that happened during the week. Number one, we were looking for someone to teach one day and a man yelled at us and ran up to us. We were just going to ignore him because usually when people yell at us it's because they don't like us. We ended up stopping though and he caught up to us. His name is R. We ended up teaching him this week and he is super prepared. He is having family problems, and he wants to change his life so that he can reunite his family. He told us that he is prepared to do anything to change. He has really shown us that this week. He has read everything that we told him to read, he even wrote down questions and then the answers that he found in the scriptures. He even came to church. Unless something unexpected happens we believe that he will progress really quickly. We also had a really good lesson with A. this week. He really, really wants to be baptized.   He is a really really great person. He is getting along really well with the ward members too. He is also fulfilling his commitments.

So we didn't have K.'s baptism. We are going to have to postpone it for 2 weeks. There is a problem with the plumbing in the church, and when the ward mission leader went to fill the baptismal font he found that it had backed up with sewer water. It smelled BAD. And I mean BAD. The water from the bathrooms and the street are draining into it. It will have to be completely fixed before we have the baptism. She took it really well though. We also found a new person on Sunday. Well we taught him for the first time. He is named W. and is from Venezuela. He has lived all over South America and in the U.S. too. He has quite a bit of interest. Oh and R. got kicked out of his house by his 'girlfriend' and has nowhere to live and doesn't have a steady job. Hopefully he can find somewhere to live. It really might be the last time that we see him though… :( Well that´s about it for this week on my end. I'm glad that girl's camp was a success Maddie! I'm glad that you got to go for a little bit mom and dad. It sounds like a fun place. I'm sure that it would work great for the reunion. What was formerly the red room looks great. I really like it and am excited to see it in person. You are quite the remodel crew. Thanks for your advice mom. I read that talk this week too, and I really enjoyed it. It was good to reflect a little bit on the loads that have helped me to have the necessary traction to arrive where I am right now. I love you all. Thank you for your support and prayers. Talk to you soon.

Elder Schow

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