Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21st 2014

July 21st 2014
It was good to hear from all of you as always!  Thanks for your constant letters and support.  Well, this week was pretty good.  We are slowly but surely building up a decent group of people to teach.  A couple of them are progressing very well and they are helping us to find other people to teach as well.  It's kind of awesome  We aren't teaching Angel right now because he began working a lot and we lost contact with him, but we are teaching about 9-10 of his extended family members and we are going to start teaching more this week.  It would be so sweet if basically this whole family got baptized.  Three of them came to church this week: I., T., and G.  They really liked it, but the problem is that they are really attached to the Christian church that they are attending right now.  In fact, the day before they came to church with us T. invited us to come to their church with them.  We weren't really sure what to say, but I think that we will try to go.  She also asked us what we would do if we got an answer that their church is true.  They could be a bit difficult, but they are really great people.  We actually had a great turnout at church this week.  We had 6 people that we are teaching show up and two others people that live in our area that showed up with members.  R. came again and is progressing really, really well.  We taught him again last night and boy is he convinced.  We are trying to prepare him for August 17th, but it is a bit complicated because like Ethan said, we have to teach the fifth lesson now before baptism.  It is a worldwide change.  Well that's about all that is new here.  Not much, huh?

I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well.  That's funny that Caitlin was the brave one mom.  How old are they again?  That's nuts about the rain too.  Hopefully the damage isn't too bad, but I can imagine that it is significant.  That's super cool about the new temple movie.  I'm excited to see the difference between the three of them.  I really miss going to the temple.  I am very excited to go again when I get home.  It is a very special place.  From the sound of it mom you and Maddie are like the exercise queens.  Keep it up.  I need to follow your example.  I understand exactly how you feel dad, that early morning exercise is tough.  Way to go!  2 weeks straight is great.  That's great that you were able to choose a counselor.  I have no clue who he is haha, but I hope that everything works out really well.  Well, love you all.  Talk to you in a week.

Elder Schow  

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