Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014
Hello ya'll,

I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well. From the sound of it it was a good week even though nothing too terribly exciting happened. It's normal though. That's what makes the exciting weeks more exciting. There must be an opposition in all things. Yeah in a lot of ways I can't believe that it's almost August already. It's crazy how fast that this year is going. It'll be Christmas again before we know it.

Well this week was a good week. We were blessed to be able to find a lot of new people to to teach this week. We have been following the counsel of Elder Johnston- the area seventy and have been seeing great results....more on the end of the investigators than the members, but hey we aren't going to complain haha. We have been blessed to find several families. There is one family that has a 17 year old son named Oscar. He is progressing really fast. He prayed at the end of our lesson a few days ago and said, "thank you for answering my prayers and helping me to find the truth through these young men that you have sent to me." He was super prepared. The story of how we found them is pretty cool. We contacted a woman on the bus and she gave us a name and an address. It is really difficult to write on a bus and we were not able to understand what my companion wrote very well. Nevertheless, we went to the address that we thought that he wrote and it just so happened that there was a woman with the same name, even though it wasn't the same woman on the bus. She told us that even though she wasn't who we were looking for that she thought we must be there for a reason and so we started teaching them. It was a cool experience to see that the Lord puts prepared people in our path in mysterious ways. R. is still progressing really well and his mom is still coming to church even though she isn't convinced about baptism,  she told us that she doesn't think that she has ever made a mistake. We'll see what happens with her. We are also working with a 21 year old named E. and his mom B. They both came to church on Sunday and he changed his work schedule so that he doesn't work on Sundays. It was pretty cool when he told us that. The B. family canceled our latest visit, and we think that we are going to have to drop them. They really aren't that interested. We'll see if we can visit them this week though. We also started teaching an ex Jehovah's Witness this week. We taught him that Jehovah is Jesus with several different scriptures in the Bible and he was like,  "I've been lied to my whole life."   It was crazy that he actually accepted what we taught him. We feel that he will be baptized. My companion goes home next Tuesday. It's really wierd. I'll know who my new companion is on Sunday night. It should be a good change though. Well love you all. I hope you have a good week. Talk to you soon.

Elder Schow

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