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June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014
Hey everyone! Well this last week was a good one. Elder Mendoza and I get along really well. He's a boss haha! It's kinda sucky that they transfered him to a new area his last transfer of the mission because he is completely lost, but it's been really good so far. He's a really hard worker which is also great! He's not trunky so we are working hard and taking names. He is planning to work really hard until the end of the mission and seems to be holding really strong so far. I am greatful for that because if he was trunky I can imagine that it would be really hard to focus. He has given me a lot of opportunities to grow this week. Even though he is the senior companion he is letting me take charge of basically everything so that I can be prepared for when he leaves. (I will most likely be in Independencia for at least one if not two more transfers after this one. My legs are crying in protest, but I am excited because we have seen a lot of growth in the area this week.) It has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone a lot, but it has been a great growing experience. He has helped me to increase my confidence a lot as well. He is always very good at emphasizing my good points and helping me to improve in the areas in which I need help. The language isn't too much of a barrier and we actually have a really good time together!
We have been working really hard this last week. We went from having 2 baptismal dates to 8. We have also found several new people to teach. About our biggest challenge is to help the investigators to get to church. It's a bit frustrating because we have some really spiritual lessons with them and them something comes up and they skip church. Oh well, haha gotta love them still. I have learned a lot these last couple of weeks about compassion. We have encountered some very humble people lately that are not exactly in the best place physically or mentally. I have learned a bit more about the love and concern that Jesus Christ feels for all of us. I would like to share an experience that we had yesterday with one of them. His name is R. We found him through his brother who contacted us in the street. We taught him a week ago and he started to cry at the end of the lesson. We weren't exactly sure why. We taught him again yesterday. He told us that the last time that we had come that he had felt something that he had never felt before in his life. We taught him about baptism and invited him to be baptized. He accepted immediately and told us that he will do whatever it takes (work less hours, come to church every Sunday, etc.) He knew and could feel that it was right. He re-emphasized to us once again that he had never felt that way before. The spirit was SUPER strong. It was an amazing experience that helped me to learn even more the importance of humility and submitting ourselves to the will of God.
I'm glad that the pageant was great. I'm excited to go and see it when I get home. That's awesome that the bishop helped you out so much. I hope that you have a great fourth of July and that you get to do something fun. I love you all so much!! Talk to you soon.

Elder Schow

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