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August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014
Hello there everyone!  Well, there is some groovy techno going on in this internet cafe so I feel motivated to type faster haha.  Hopefully I will have more time to write to some of you today because of it.  Sorry that the last few weeks I have been a bit short on time.  Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!  To be honest I doubt that we will do anything that exciting haha.  I haven't really told anyone that it is my birthday so it will probably just be a quiet, normal day.  Thanks for putting money in my account, though I really don't need it.  How much were you wanting me to take out?  Also, the package got here.  I will open it on Wednesday :) !  I`m glad that you had a good time at the wedding and that it was a nice time.  That`s also nice that you got to visit with so many members of the family.  What?  Kim Barker got married?!  That`s crazy haha.  I thought that she was a lot younger.....Now I feel like an old fart haha.  Like dad said, time is a really strange thing.  It goes super slow until we stop and look backwards and realize how fast it has gone.  So I think that the beg bugs are gone.  Last Monday we stood my matress up and punched it a bunch and I prayed that night that we would not have more problems with them.  We haven`t received any new bites like all week, but we will see what happens.  I'll keep you posted.
So we had transfers this week.  I said goodbye Elder Mendoza who is now in his house (CRAZY!!!) and I recieved Elder Martinez.  He was Elder Patey`s in mission terms my grandpa is now my companion.  He's a really really hard worker.  He goes home in 3 months so I'm guessing that I will leave the area the next time that we have transfers so that I don`t end up staying here for 9 months.  That would be a ton of time in one area.  He`s a really good missionary.  He's a bit bossy`s sort of a I know everything about the mission and we are going to do things my way sort of attitude, but I have a lot to learn from him.  We made a huge map of our area this week.  It`s like 6 feet by 3 feet.  We marked all of the members, everyone that we are teaching, and all of our future investigators with different colored stickers.  Hopefully it helps us to plan a bit better.  
We found a few new people to teach this last week that are really great.  I'll don't know them super well yet so I`ll tell you more about them later.  We had an entire family come to church on Sunday.  The C. family.  I think that I told you a little bit about on of them.  The ex-Jehovah's Witness.  We were super surprised that they all came.  I'll keep you posted on thier progress.  We are still working with R. and M. and the T. family.  We have several that have a lot of interest and we are receiving a lot of names of new people to teach.  Things are going well!  Love you all!

Elder Schow

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