Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th 2014

September 15, 2014

Hey everyone,
Well my time in Independencia has come to an end...I am leaving tomorrow.  To where I don't know and with who I don't know.  My district leader saw something when he went to the mission offices a few days ago.  There is a rumor that I am going to an area called Ajusco.  It is way up in the mountains.  It's like 2 or 3 small outlying towns supposedly.  I guess I will see tomorrow what happens.  In some ways I feel ready to leave for a new area and in some ways no.  I will miss some of the people a lot.  R.  didn't end up getting baptized yesterday.  He couldn`t make it to his baptismal interview on Saturday because of his work.  Hopefully he will be baptized this Sunday.  I will probably miss him most of all.  He has been a really awesome person to know.  We were with him last night when the transfer calls came.  He was really sad.  He hadn't realized that there was a chance that I might be leaving.  He told me that he had hoped that I could be the one to baptize him and that I had had a very special effect in his life.  He really has changed a lot.  I hope that stays strong in his desires to change and that he goes forward with his baptism.  I know that the atonement can really change lives.  I am understanding that more now.  I am excited to go to my next area and to be able to use the knowledge that I have aquired here in Independencia.  I am leaving a lot of great people here.  There are some that I will never forget.  None of them came to church yesterday though so I didn't get to say goodbye to like anyone, but I feel that they will be in good hands with Elder Martinez.  Sometimes I feel like I didn't accomplish much here, but maybe my function has only been to help plant seeds in the hearts of the people.  So stay tuned.
So the baby still hasn't come, eh?  Now that is a big surprise to me...I thought that she was going to come like last Tuesday or Wednesday.  I guess it isn`t her time yet.  I hope that Lauren is hanging in there well.  It sounds like you guys have had a good week.  Sorry mom about the 5K.  I`m proud of you guys for doing it though.  It is pretty rare that we run in between appointments, but when we do let me tell you...I am dying haha.  I have been exercising a lot better in the mornings though so I think that some of it might have to do with the elevation.  I`m glad that you had a good family home evening and that you got to see everyone.  I`ll be excited to get the letters.  Thanks for sending the package!  I will await it with anticipation.  Good luck with the primary program.  I hope that it turns out well even though the practices are stressful.  Also, thanks for the quote mom.  It really is something good to think about.  I am learning a lot about the effects of choice in our thoughts and the difference that it can make to have good, positive thoughts.  Well I love you all!  I will talk to you next week....Hopefully Ella will be born by then!
Elder Schow

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