Monday, December 30, 2013

Almost a new year!

  December 30th    2013

Hola family and others,

I'm really happy I got to Skype you too!!! It really was weird at first. Sometimes it really feels like you guys don't exist hahaha. Sorry it didn't function in the end, I'm glad I got to hear your voices though! I'm glad that you all had a great Christmas and that you got to spend time with family! Hopefully you told everyone "hi" for me haha. I hope you had fun Skyping with Ethan too. I wish I could've Skped him a little bit. I need to be better about writing him. We spend a couple of hours with the Guttierez family for Christmas Eve. They were so nice we had a Christmas message and then a dinner. They gave us sweaters, ties, socks, and little blankets for Christmas. We were really surprised because we weren't expecting anything. It was super nice of them and it was perfect because on of my sweaters ripped on a bush when we were running to cross the street that exact same day. They invited us over for New Years Eve also! We get to stay out until 10:15 if they give us a ride home. Christmas was definitely different without you guys. We had 8 elders at our apartment. We all cooked a bunch of things for breakfast like waffles (one of the elders has a sesame street waffle maker which is definitely a rarity), French toast, etc. My package came and a letter from Lauren!!! Consequently the address is right. Thanks so much for the gifts! It was fun and delicious. My companion said to tell you thanks so much also. One of the elders in our apartment didn't get anything from his family. We all pitched in and gave him a little something. It was awesome because it made his day. We think that we found an apartment but we are going to wait to move until after transfers because we don't know if we are staying here or not. Hopefully, but we'll see. At least we'll have beds either way :) Maddie driving....sounds dangerous. I kid, I kid. I know she'll do great. We got to go tour the new visitors center this week and we receive a training so that we can bring investigators. We also got to do a temple session which is really rare. It was especially cool because the temple closes this week for a year and half. I'm not really sure why because it is really nice. Anyway though it was cool. I am having more fun. My companion and I changed a lot of things this week and I am having more fun and feel more confident. We have an investigator that is progressing really well. He has come to church 4 time, viewed a baptism, and he went to the visitors center of the temple yesterday with his family! His name is Brother G. Please pray for him. He has a smoking problem that he needs to give up before he can be baptized. He is a great man and is so humble. He wants to be baptized to set an example for his family. It's super awesome to see the changes that come into a persons life when they are living the gospel. Thanks for your love and counsel. I love you all. Talk to you soon. I think on Monday.

Adios, Elder Schow
Britton was going to send pictures but, his card would not work in the computer.  He said he would try again next week!  :)

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