Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 2, 2014

March 2, 2014

Sorry, I'm going to have to be a bit short today and write all of the family in one letter. I have like a million people that I have to write back and they are adding up like crazy. I really need to write the grandparents. I need to find a place to buy stamps though. So this week wasn't too exciting. We were in the appartment practically all week. Elder Patey's foot is still healing and he´s had what we think is the flu. Poor guy. They were some of the longest days of my life but surprisingly the week still seemed to go pretty fast. Weird how that works. I got to read a good portion of Jesus the Christ this week. It is a really amazing book. If you haven't read it I would highly reccommend it. It really has helped me to understand the New Testament better, and it has really strenghtened my testimony of Jesus Christ. I think that it was also good for our companionship to be cooped up together for several days. We have actually started to talk a lot more and we are starting to become better friends.
We had a zone conference this week that was really good. I love our mission president. He's so good in this calling. He is also so hilarious. He checked our area books at the zone conference and apparently they were terrible. He talked about the importance of keeping track of the work that we are doing not only for us but for the missionaries that follow. What really impressed me is that he corrected us all in such a loving and funny way.
Well not much else is happening here. Thanks so much for the pictures. I really loved them. You all look so great. You look so beautiful Maddie!!! You're growing up so much. If you could send me some printed pictures and some international stamps in an envelope I would love that. If not no worries though.
I'm glad that work is going well mom. Sorry if I forgot to mention that in my other emails. That´s really awesome that you found a little job to keep you busy during the day. That's awesome that you went out with the sister missionaries too. Thanks for all the work that you do as a bishop and for the family dad. I look up to you so much. Say hi to all of the grandparents for me. I really want to write them more. I need to figure out how I can make it possible. Love you all.

Elder Schow

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