Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm glad to hear that your week was good and that you get to have spring break this week. Lucky ducks. :) (Sorry that doesn't include you dad). I'm glad to hear that your performance review went well at work and that Roger and Diana are going to be able to visit you guys in December. We must have been on the same brainwave this week because I was actually going to ask you about both of those things haha. WEIRD. I'm also really glad to hear that your talk went well mom. I can understand the nerves thing. I'm always nervous to give talks. It sounds like it went well though and that it was an interesting topic. I wish that I could have been there to hear it. I'm glad that you guys are going to go to IF to hang out. It sounds like it should be fun. My only question is...with all the respect I have...why are you guys going to the LEGO move hahaha?? I saw a poster for it and I was like it looks so lame. I would never have expected you guys to go. I hope that you guys like it though. Maybe it will be really great. I guess I can't judge a movie by it's poster.

Well this week was really good, especially yesterday. We had 100 people in our sacrament meeting!!! Granted, this is still really low considering that there are really like 500 people in the ward....butttt our first few weeks here there were only like 50-60 so we felt pretty great. Now that we have 4 missionaries in our ward we have been able to help reactivate several families of less actives. We also have like 5 investigators that are progressing really well towards baptism. They all were at church yesterday. Some of them are like the weirdest people that I have ever met, but their hearts are sincere. C. wasn't baptized this week because she didn't pass her interview, but she has another interview on Wednesday with the mission president. She should be baptized this Saturday. I'm pretty sure I'm getting transfered next Tuesday so it should be a good way to end my time in Cafetales. I'm not sure if what's going to happen this next transfer but it should be good. I will miss a lot of people though. Elder Patey and I also started to teach with a lot more unity this week so it will be a little bit sad to change. It should be a good experience though. If you want to you can pray for C., E., F., E., and A.. I would really appreciate it. Well that's about it. Take care. I love you all.

Elder Schow

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