Tuesday, March 25, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2014

Hello, hello, hello, sorry, I'm running out of ways to start letters. I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well. This letter is to reply to the letters of Maddie, Lauren, mom, dad etc. I need to write the grandparents. I'm glad that you got to see Mike and that his family is doing well. I'm also glad that all of the grandparents are doing well as well. I´ll keep praying that Cam can get his job. I don't want them to leave Poky but IF is very close so it's okay . I hope that Alicia Johnson enjoys her mission. I'm glad that the ward is doing well. Thank you for sharing your spiritual experiences too. I felt the spirit while reading them. Thanks for the tip about the stamps too. I will have to talk to a member. Maybe the member that we live with could help me out. Oh and I got your valentines. Thanks so much. I especially liked Lauren´s. It made me laugh.
Well not to much exciting to report this week. We just worked really hard like usual. We still have our baptism for C. this weekend, but we don't have anyone else with a baptismal date. She's so great. She's 78 years old and she's super super funny. We'll take pictures with her for sure. I also need to get photos with the A's. The only problem is that they haven't come to church since their baptisms....and they don't live in our area so we can´t teach them the lessons again. Our area is kind of dead. We are finding new people to teach but they are not progressing very well. I have started to lead our area, in the planning, teaching, etc.. The zone leaders told me that I need to start doing this so that I can be prepared for the future. I´m pretty sure that I'm going to train this next transfer. Aparently we´re going to receive 29 new missionaries. The zone leaders have told me several times that I need to be ready. I'm a little nervous for this but I also feel ready. I think that I could do a decent job training and that it would give me the chance to gain a lot more confidence, etc. I'm excited, we´ll see what happens though. Everything is going good. Oh and you'll be happy to hear that I am not a picky eater any more. I eat everything and like just about all of it. However, last Monday after I wrote you guys we went to eat tacos with a member....cow cheek tacos and cow intestine tacos. They weren´t actually that bad but they aren´t my first choice. I'm just glad that I didn't have to eat eyeball like he wanted us to. Love you all. Talk to you soon.
5 months in the mission. Wow time flies.

Elder Schow

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